Fire Moves Fast .

15 Feet Below

date. 2014

city. Portland, ME

role . reporter/producer

An excerpt from 15 Feet Below, a long-form multimedia documentary about the flooding of two towns in Northern Maine.

A multimedia piece with photos, video, an essay and more at Atavist's 15 Feet Below

Produced by Chloe Prasinos in collaboration with Pete Lang-Stanton and Roger Smith at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, Spring 2014. Music: Pete Lang-Stanton

Historical Photographs Contributed by: Dead River Area Historical Society, Mary and Lee Henderson, Jeff Hinman, Forest and June Parsons, Kenny Wing, and Earl Wyman Jr.

© 2021 by Chloe Prasinos.

The waters approaches

In 1948, the construction of Long Falls Dam began. When it was completed, what remained of Flagstaff was swallowed by a brand new lake.