Fire Moves Fast .

15 Feet Below

date. 2014

city. Portland, ME

role . reporter/producer

An excerpt from 15 Feet Below, a long-form multimedia documentary about the flooding of two towns in Northern Maine.

A multimedia piece with photos, video, an essay and more at Atavist's 15 Feet Below

Produced by Chloe Prasinos in collaboration with Pete Lang-Stanton and Roger Smith at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, Spring 2014. Music: Pete Lang-Stanton

Historical Photographs Contributed by: Dead River Area Historical Society, Mary and Lee Henderson, Jeff Hinman, Forest and June Parsons, Kenny Wing, and Earl Wyman Jr.

© 2021 by Chloe Prasinos.

A home in Flagstaff floods.

It was fall of 1949 when the gates of the Long Falls Dam were shut and the Dead River swelled backwards up the valley forming Flagstaff Lake.