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His Saturn Returns .
The 11th from Pineapple Street Studios

date. 2022

city. New York

role . Editor, Director, Lead Development Producer


Creator, writer, and performer Sai Sion lets us peek into his expansive imagination with this cosmic audio drama that will transport you across the galaxy. We travel through time and space to meet Duran Durag on the brink of his Saturn Return. He’s cocky and charming, smooth and clumsy. If it weren’t for his fancy durag and his family name, Duran wouldn’t be given the time of day. And it’s high time for him to learn some important life lessons. The all-knowing DJ Saturn is not playing when he sends this young space alien on a series of challenges that reveal what it is to live in a universe that doesn’t orbit around ego. Will the missions he’s sent on ground him, or will his swagger get in the way of growing up?

Winner of: 

Third Coast Awards's Director's Choice

Webby for Best Fiction

Gotham/Variety Award

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