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Curious City Live: This Show Was A Disaster! . WBEZ's Curious City

date. 2017

city. Chicago

role . reporter/producer + performer

In this special podcast episode, Curious City presents three Chicago disaster stories as told at the Old Town School of Folk Music on March 30, 2016. Inspired by questions posed from Chicago-area residents, the tales range from the practically comical Loop flood of 1992, to a terrifying tornado that struck the region, to the city’s infamous Iroquois Theater fire.

Reporter Chloe Prasinos performs a story about the time a tornado came to visit Chicago. The story features archival tape of a tornado, the voices of survivors of that tornado, and a live interview with a meteorologist who debunks the widely held belief that tornados won't visit Chicago.

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photo by Shawn Allee / WBEZ

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