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Chloe Prasinos



Chloe Prasinos is a shape-shifter —

she works across genres and all aspects of audio production.


Sometimes that means:


Making a brick-and mortar museum about New York City's queer history and spending a summer zigzagging across the city to find people's stories to fill it with.


Blending genres to better tell a true story — drawing on the techniques of audio drama to  create a way for unrepresented voices to speak out and remain safely in the shadows. 


Reporting intricate and highly crafted, long-form audio documentaries.

Listening closely to producers and guiding them towards the story they dream of making.

Directing actors to help discover their best performances and running a room with space for experimentation and play — all while staying on schedule.

Developing new shows from inception and compassionately leading a team across the finish-line.


...and so on.

Director * Writer * Editor * Reporter * Producer * Sound Designer



Teaching + Consulting.


Chloe has taught at Union Docs' Podcast School and AIR Media.


Check out her webinar for AIR Media: 'Foundations of Audio Fiction.' 

Chloe also designed and facilitated a 6-week workshop called Walk the Line: How to Make Work Between Genres. This course first appeared on AIR Media's teaching platform, SoundPath.

Chloe is also available for private 1:1 mentorship sessions via AIR Media's SoundPath.


Chloe helps teams make their work vivid, audio-native, complex, and formally innovative, ensuring that a show carves out a distinct space in the crowded podcast landscape. 

She draws on her extensive experience in serialized storytelling in both documentary and in audio fiction to help teams navigate difficult story decisions. She pushes for ever-more complex and surprising characters and character arcs. Chloe helps guide writers who may not yet have experience writing for the ear and offers simple tricks to help make drafts more conscious of the medium and what it does well and what it struggles to achieve; and she offers her hard-earned guidance on long-form narrative structure at both the series and episodic level. Chloe has an experimental spirit and she brings that sensibility to each edit. Her perspective during the development process ensures that each episode plays with form from the start and pushes the genre's boundaries in some way, big or small.



Chloe works to develop, report, produce and edit stories for a variety of radio shows, podcasts, and private clients. 

* Things you won't learn from Chloe's CV:

In another life, she was a dancer and choreographer.

She performs improv comedy at Magnet Theater.

She performs standup around NYC.


And she choreographed a flashmob with her friend Ayako for a wedding last summer. 

Chloe Prasinos, OCTOBER 2021_33.jpg
Press + Awards.

press + awards.


Use privilege and power to dismantle oppressive power structures.

Representation matters.

Telling real people's stories is not an inherently good act. Treat people like people, not subjects.

Rest is an important part of the creative process and should be valued. Work smart.


Making good work is always a team sport; each person deserves to feel like a part of the team.

It's easier to be kind than not to.

Prioritize moments of surprise and joy. 

Sound is not incidental to making podcasts. Our work should sound beautiful.



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